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The Dance Depot offers year round training in two main sessions: Fall and Summer.

Our Fall Season runs September through June like a school year with our annual performance in June! We offers many styles of dance for ages 2 through Adult! After a summer break, we hold a six-week summer session that is an abbreviated version of our fall schedule. This is a great time for more serious dancers to continue their training OR for new dancers to try dance for the first time! After another summer break, Fall begins again!

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Mommy & Me - This is an interactive class for 2-year-olds and their guardians where props and unique musical games are introduced to develop wonder and creativity in your child. This is a very interactive and animated class where the art of dance is introduced in a loving and nurturing environment.

Preschool Dance (Generals 1, 2, 3) - These fun filled classes are uniquely designed with a specialized curriculum that not only teaches basic dance fundamentals, terminology, and musicality, but also enhances a preschooler's endless creativity and self-expression. Using age appropriate music and themes, our littlest dancers will be inspired to begin a lifelong love of music and dance. This class incorporates ballet, tap, and creative movement activities.

Ballet - As the foundation of all dances, ballet is fundamental to the education of any dancer using exercises at the barre, as well as center combinations that are both adagio and allegro. Students will develop grace, control, strength, and fluidity in their movement via the classical art of ballet under Vaganova method. While learning proper technique, students build posture carriage and perhaps, most importantly, self confidence and personal discipline. Ballet specific terminology will be introduced and enforced. Ballet classes enhance a students ability and performance in all other forms of dance.

Pointe - The time a ballet student advances to pointe is determined by the instructor and director and is based off a student’s individual strength, flexibility, and technical ability. Students must take a minimum of 3 years of ballet training to be considered for pointe.

Tap - Students in tap learn technique, speed, clarity of sounds, tempo, combinations in the basic movements of tap such as standard time steps, shuffles, flaps, etc. This class offers students the opportunity to focus on their coordination and musical awareness, a variety of music styles such as broadway show tunes, pop or rock may be used and classes include warm up, progressions and combination drills.

Jazz - This class is a technical form of dance with combines traditional Broadway style jazz with the ever- changing and contemporary styles of today. Each class consists of warm-ups, stretches, isolations, center work, turns and jumps. In all exercises, students develop muscle strength, flexibility and discipline. In addition, to learning technique specific to the art from, students learn dance combinations and practice progressions. Jazz lessons are a great way to build a technical foundation in a fast paced and lively atmosphere!

Hip Hop - Based on street dancing and jazz, hip hop is a more freestyle form of movement that is both fun and invigorating. This upbeat, high tempo class is aimed at developing rhythm, technique, self confidence and stage presence. Students learn coordination, isolations and a variety of routines to the most popular hip hop, rap, techno and R&B songs.

Hippity Hop - Due to the popularity of these classes, we extended our program to include 5 and 6 year olds! This curriculum takes the fundamentals of our regular Hip Hop program, and gears it toward the young dancer. Age appropriate music is always used and carefully screened for content. The environment is upbeat, friendly and interactive; it is perfect for the young energetic dancer!

Lyrical - This style is a a visually and emotionally driven dance form where the art of storytelling fuses with dance and movement. Lyrical dance combines the grace of ballet with the fluidity of modern and the classic stylization of jazz to create a form of dance that allows students to experience self-expression through movement.

Musical Theatre - Encompassing dancing, acting and making/incorporating props, this class enhances creativity, skill and self-confidence for both the beginner and seasoned dancer! The musical theatre student, using specialized curriculum and character building activities, will experience a production number from beginning to end, from choreography to stage props to character development.