parent’s night out

Did you know?! The Dance Depot offers a couple Parent’s Nights Out throughout the year! Take advantage of our awesome parties by dropping off your children and spending the evening doing something FOR YOU! Maybe you need to take care of some holiday shopping, go out on the town, or whatever you need to do that might be a little easier (or more fun for them!) if your kids were having a good time at The Dance Depot!


Join us on Saturday, October 19th from 5:30pm-9:30pm for a Haunted Halloween Bash! All children (not just Dance Depot dancers) ages 3-10 are welcome to join us!

Get ready for games, pizza, dancing, a costume parade AND maybe even a spooky movie!

Your first child is $25, and each sibling is an additional $20.

Fill out the form below to register OR contact the office directly in person, via phone (610-409-5622) or via email (

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Liability Policy: The Dance Depot offers a comprehensive program of activities for children, including carious forms of physical fitness, dance, and creative movement. We make every effort to ensure the childrens’ safety. In the unlikely event that my child should sustain injury during the program, I will not hold The Dance Depot, its instructors, or any division of the studio or its agent(s) liable. By selecting yes on this form, I understand and agree to the above policies for the participation of my child in any program offered by the Dance Depot. Advertising Release: I grant permission for The Dance Depot and their agent(s) to publish photos, movies, images and name of my child(ren) on The Dance Depot’s website, social media, and/or other forms of information and publications that are viewable by the general public.